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Valiant Heart is the story of a young girl name Cece who must overcome sexual molestation and physical abuse at a young age from family members she trusts. As Cece navigates through her childhood, she’s impacted by bullying, poverty, abuse, and alienation from her parents. This cycle of abuse forces Cece to make adult decisions before she has the mental capacity to do so. Feeling unloved and facing discourse at home influence Cece's adulthood regarding trust and her love life.


A devastating loss motivates Cece into taking control of her life and making life-changing decisions to better her future and heal. Still facing some turmoil and challenges along the way, Cece learns from her past and her heart heals, which allows her to pursue her dreams and become the best version of herself while maintaining the capacity in her heart to love.

Valiant Heart

Paperback: Black
  • No Refunds

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